• My Troty is too hot/cold, what can I do?
    The e-scooters are designed to function properly when the temperature is between 5 and 32 degrees. If the temperature is higher than 32, a small indicator on the scooter will be on, meaning it need to cool down for a bit. The best solution is to place it in the shadow. You’ll be able to use it right after. When it is below 5 degrees, it has to warm up. The troty won’t function properly until the weather gets warmer again.
  • When are the scooters available?
    The service starts at 8:30am every morning and stops around 7pm. The scooters are available all-day long depending on availability but not during the night. You are free to use them for as long as you want during the day.
  • How can I delete my account?
    If, for any reasons, you want to delete your account and all of its informations, you can send an email with you request at delete@troty.be. We will take care of it within 72h. You may ask yourself “why do we have to do it manually?”. Well, before deleting your account we have to make sure everything is in order with the payments and the scooters you may have rented. You will get notified via e-mail when the process is done.
  • How can I update my ID informations
    It is not possible yet to update your ID informations directly into the application. To do so, you can send a message with the informations you want to update and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible.

  • How secure is the payment with your app ?
    Our payment solution is very secure. We use the STRIPE service to execute the payments for your ride on our scooters. Here is the information about STRIPE: https://stripe.com. You will also find information on Confidentiality here: https://stripe.com/be/privacy
  • How do I pay ?
    We’re glad you ask the question 🙂 You have two options which are the reknown ones: VISA or MASTERCARD. We’re building our way up, so still developping the possibility to use MASTERCARD PREPAY, BANCONTACT and PAYPAL. Hang on there for a little while to have those available as well.
  • How much does it cost?
    A dime and a penny compared to the fun it provides! More seriously, the Troty service costs € 1 to start every ride and € 0.15 / minute of usage. You can book a troty for 2 hour (6,5€/hour) or per day (39€/day). You receive at the end of each ride an email with the details and the invoice. It is as simple as that.
  • How to park ?
    Ending your ride is piece of cake! Stop wherever you are. Park your Troty where is doesn’t hinder and lock it to something solid. Take a picture to confirm is safely parked and locked and off you go.
  • How to start this Troty?
    Push the Troty 2 or 3 times with your feet to get going. When in the motion press throttle button with right thumb.
  • Ending your ride
    End your ride by locking the troty and take a picture. Ending your ride is piece of cake! Stop wherever you are. Park your Troty where is doesn’t hinder and lock it to something solid. Take a picture to confirm is safely parked and locked and off you go.
  • Data Protection – GDPR
    We put everything in place to respect the rules and in particular the GDPR. You can read the Privacy section in the Legal section.
  • Why do I have to take a Selfie to register?
    Not only do we believe it is always better to make it personal, we also need to make sure we can identify the people using our service, making sure you are using your own ID and bank card. Also for security reasons we must be able to react in case of accident or theft. But don’t worry, we only This data will be classified and never used except in case of serious problem.
  • Do I need an ID? Passport or Belgium ID ?
    Yes! Indeed, we must obviously protect you in case of accident and have this data. It is also necessary to avoid theft. We will only use this data when there is a serious problem.
  • Do I need a VISA or MASTERCARD ?
    Yes! For now, these are the only payment methods but PayPal and Bancontact will arrive soon.
  • Why do I have to take a picture when I’m parked ?
    Let’s look at it the positive way: to make sure that you find the scooters where they are located, we have to ensure that they are physically attached correctly, We use photo recognition to identify the   To maximize the safety of scooters and to protect you, we prefer to ask you to take a picture of it is attached with the padlock.
  • Contact us ?
    Here are the different ways to contact us. You have to contact us? Here are the different ways to contact us:
    You are a journalist: press@troty.be
    You want to become a Partner and a parking and charging hub: parking@troty.be
    You are a company and you want to integrate scooters in for your employees: business@troty.be
    You are a customer of Troty: hello@troty.be